Did you know that investing in individual stocks is a lot more expensive and time-consuming than investing in mutual funds and ULIPS? Additionally, not everyone can afford professional money-management, which is why mutual funds and ULIPS were created, to bring expert financial advice and stock analysis to the masses. They also offer a well-documented prospectus for each fund, as well as semi-annual or annual reports about how the fund invests.

If you’re an NRI who’s worked in the UK and and are now planning to retire in India, you can move your pension funds into a QROPS ‘in specie’, which means you can invest it in ULIPS in India, under the QROPS umbrella for tax shelter. Alternatively, you could invest in fixed instruments with fixed interest rates of up to 10.5%. Considering the Indian economy is still booming with FDI pouring in and the Bank of England has predicted the worst recession in 300 years, this might just be the right time to get your pension out.

Is there a penalty involved with moving my pension to India?

No, as long as you transfer through a QROPS approved scheme, there is no penalty, and the transfer is tax-free. You also avoid a 45% death tax in case of your untimely demise, and the inconvenience of having to keep track of taxes and regulations across two continents.

How long will it take to transfer my pension from the UK to India through QROPS?

Mr. J.Noble Yuvaraj and his team of financial experts have bee helping people transfer their pensions through QROPS approved schemes since 2008 and to the tune of over 2.5 billion INR. The process takes 30 days and an HMRC compliant pension scheme is selected for you based on your age, vesting age, and risk profile.

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