Anyone who has worked in the UK and now have moved to India or any other country can transfer their UK Pension funds to QROPS (Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme). 

You can transfer Civil Services Pension / NHS Pensions / Private Pension Schemes to QROPS. What are the advantages of doing a QROPS.  No UK Tax liability.  Early retirement i.e. before 60 years.  Full Pension for Spouse and Capital Refund for Children/Nominee.  No inheritance tax/death tax of 55%.  Transparency on your investment and charges. QROPS options for Indians who have worked in the UK and for British Expats :- 

 Indian QROPS :- . HDFC Life Immediate Annuity Plan, SBI Life – Annuity Plus, ICICI Prudential Immediate Annuity Plan,  ING Vysya – Golden Years Retirement Plan. 

As an independent QROPS adviser we offer the following services to our clients.

 Free valuation of your UK Pension Scheme.( Private Pension / NHS / Other Civil Services )
 Complete paperwork and documentation.
 Send documents to the UK.
 Successful transfer of your funds to QROPS. 
 Quarterly review of your QROPS Scheme.

Get an independent and unbiased advice on QROPS with no obligation
For more details please feel free to contact us.

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 UK NHS Pension Fund transfer to India ( QROPS )

About the Blogger :

 J. N. Yuvaraj is a Personal Financial Planner specialized in Financial Planning certified by IRDA (Insurance), AMFI ( Mutual Funds), CIEL (Wealth Management) & FChFP (Asia Pacific Financial Services Association). He has worked with Leading MNC Banks and Financial  Institutions. He is associated with all the Investment Companies in India.

He is an active Member of Junior Chambers International & Human Rights International. He has been selected to represent our country in a international Financial Forum.
He has more than 200 Clientele from various Fraternities. His Prime Objective is to contribute for a FINANCIALLY   INDEPENDENT   WEALTHY   INDIA.


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